William McConnell, 18151905 (aged 90 years)

William /McConnell/
Given names
Birth May 28, 1815
Christening June 4, 1815 (aged 7 days)
MarriageIsabella AitkenheadView this family
August 6, 1841 (aged 26 years)
Starcher; master dyer

Birth of a daughterIsabella McConnell
calculated 1846 (aged 30 years)
Birth of a sonWilliam McConnell
calculated 1848 (aged 32 years)
Birth of a sonJames McConnell
calculated 1851 (aged 35 years)
Birth of a sonThomas Barr McConnell
calculated 1854 (aged 38 years)
Birth of a daughterAgnes McConnell
calculated 1857 (aged 41 years)
Birth of a daughterElizabeth McConnell
calculated 1859 (aged 43 years)
Family censusIsabella AitkenheadView this family
April 1861 (aged 45 years)
Birth of a sonJohn McConnell
calculated 1861 (aged 45 years)
Family censusIsabella AitkenheadView this family
April 1871 (aged 55 years)
Family censusIsabella AitkenheadView this family
April 1881 (aged 65 years)
Family censusIsabella AitkenheadView this family
April 1891 (aged 75 years)
Death of a wifeIsabella Aitkenhead
December 6, 1902 (aged 87 years)
Burial of a wifeIsabella Aitkenhead
December 9, 1902 (aged 87 years)
Residence 1905 (0 after death)



old age, congestion of lungs
September 7, 1905 (aged 90 years)
Burial September 9, 1905 (2 days after death)
Family with Isabella Aitkenhead
Birth: May 28, 1815East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death: old age, congestion of lungsSeptember 7, 1905Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Birth: June 16, 1821 30 24Blantyre, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Death: Old AgeDecember 6, 1902Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
Marriage MarriageAugust 6, 1841East Kilbride, Lanarkshire, Scotland
6 years
Birth: calculated 1846 30 24Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
3 years
Birth: calculated 1848 32 26Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
4 years
Birth: calculated 1851 35 29Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
4 years
Birth: calculated 1854 38 32Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
4 years
Birth: calculated 1857 41 35Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
3 years
Birth: calculated 1859 43 37Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland
3 years
Birth: calculated 1861 45 39Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland

East Kilbride Parish Register: "William born 28 May baptised 4 June 1815. Thomas McConnell and Agnes Struthers, Kirkton."


Post Office Directory 1905/6: William McConnell and Co Ltd (The British Cotton and Wool Dyers' Association Ltd), cotton yarn dyers, starchers, yarn mercerisers and polishers, Dalmarnock Dye Works, Davidson Street. Telephone 2731. Corp Y83


Hamilton Advertiser, 10 August 1901: "East Kilbride Diamond Wedding... Mr McConnell, who retired from business as a dyer some years ago, has been for half a century a member of London Road U F Church, and an office-bearer for 40 years. He is widely -known and respected, especially in the east end, where he has resided since early manhood. Although he has taken no share in public life in the city, this has been due more to the natural modesty of the man than lack of fitness, since he belongs t o the class of Scotsmen, shrewd, cautious and yet energetic, who have largely helped to make Glasgow what it is. "Hamilton Advertiser, 10 August 1901: "East Kilbride Diamond Wedding. Mr and Mrs William McConnell of Ardagh, Onslow Drive, Dennistoun celebrated their diamond wedding in the Alexandra Hotel, Glasgow on the 6th inst. A very large company presided o ver by the Rev Peter Smith of Cambridge Street United Free Church assembled to do honour to the venerable couple. Mr McConnell is in his 87th year. He is a native of East Kilbride, and his partner is also an octogenarian. They were married at Backw ard Row Farm, East Kilbride on 6th August 1841 by the Rev Thomas Lawrie, then secession minister in Partick who also - a unique experience - presided at their golden wedding in 1891. Of the union there are now living 26 descendants - four sons, tw o daughters and twenty grandchildren".


Left 9736/3/2d. Confirmation granted to George Patrick, yarn merchant, Glasgow and Reverend James Anderson Watt, Minister, London Road U F Church, executors.


Reported by J McConnell, son, 51 Roslea Drive, Glasgow


Hamilton Advertiser, 16 September 1905. "An East Kilbride worthy. The remains of Mr William McConnell, late dyer in the east end of Glasgow, were laid to rest in the Southern Necropolis on Saturday last. Mr McConnell was born in the year 1815, a mo nth before the Battle of Waterloo, in the parish of East Kilbride. At a very early age he came to Glasgow and started business, first as a starcher and later on as a dyer, and soon was at the head of a large and prosperous business, which latterlyw as the largest of the kind in eastern Glasgow. He was very well known in business and other circles, not only for his energy, zeal and business integrity, but also for his kindly and genial qualities as a man. He had a fund of quaint, pawky Scotc h humour and old world stories that made him a welcome addition to may gatherings, social and other. In his long life he saw many changes in the social, political and religious life of the country - especially in Glasgow where the major part of his life was spent. In 1891 he celebrated his golden wedding, and in 1901 his diamond wedding. For more than fifty years he was a member of London Road U F Church, and was the oldest member of the congregation at the time of his death. Though so longre sident in Glasgow he never lost sight of his native village, and paid frequent visits to the district, where he was very well known, especially to the older generation. Mr McConnell had many of the admirable qualities which have made Scotsmen know n and respected all over the world. He did with diligence what his hand found to do, and reaped the reward of a busy life in an age of quiet and ease. His cheery presence will be seen no longer, his laughter and jokes that "were wont to set the tab le in a roar" are hushed in silence, but his memory will long be green in the recollections of those who knew him." MI, Southern Necropolis, Glasgow: central section, north wall, sixth stone west of main gate: "Erected by William McConnell in memory of his children Thomas, died 30 October 1843 aged 1 1/2 years; James, died 13 February 1849 aged 4 1/2 years; Eliz abeth Aitkenhead, died 21 September 1863 aged 4 years; and his father Thomas McConnell, died 7 May 1853 aged 85 years; also his mother Agnes Struthers, died 16 October 1870 aged 96 years; and his wife Isabella Aitkenhead, died 6 December 1902 aged8 2 years; the above William McConnell, died 7 September 1905 aged 90 years; also his son John McConnell, beloved husband of Madge Montgomerie, who died 21st October 1906 aged 44 years."