Grace Scott  ‎(P591)‎
Grace Scott

Gender: FemaleFemale

Birth: calculated 1797
Death: 1879 ‎(Age 82)‎ Southwark, Kent, England
Personal Facts and Details
Birth calculated 1797
Census April 1841 ‎(Age 44)‎ Lambeth, Surrey, England

Census April 1861 ‎(Age 64)‎ Lambeth, Surrey, England

Death 1879 ‎(Age 82)‎ Southwark, Kent, England

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Immediate Family  (F323)
William Walker
1807 - 1861
Mary Anne Walker
1832 -

Census Age: 35y Living with daughter and Edward Smith
Census Age: 64y Living with son in law. Fund Holder

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Close Relatives
Family with William Walker
William Walker ‎(P590)‎
Birth estimated 1807
Death before 1861 ‎(Age 54)‎
-10 years

Grace Scott ‎(P591)‎
Birth calculated 1797
Death 1879 ‎(Age 82)‎ Southwark, Kent, England
Mary Anne Walker ‎(P67)‎
Birth 4 December 1832 25 35 South Lambeth, Surrey, England